SEIT Nepal

Working Areas


  • Construction of Computer House

  • Introductory Workshop on Teachers Training

  • Story Line Approach on Teachers Training

  • Teacher’s Training on Computer Based Education

  • Basic Computer Education

  • Infrastructure Improvement at Laliya School

  • Infrastructure Improvement at SYSS

  • Women Empowerment Taining School

  • Establishment of Lok Pathsala

  • Ditribution of Study Materials and Dress to Students


  • Agriculture Based Training to Local Farmers

  • Distribution of seeds and fertiliers to local farmers

  • Establishment of Demonstration Farm

  • Establishment of Agricultural School

  • Improvement of Irrigation System

  • Increase Productivity in Cattle Farming

  • Establishment of Well-Equipped Dairy

  • Azolla Plantation

  • Logistic System Linking Milk Delivery Stations

  • Refrigirated Store Rooms for Agricutural Products


  • Free Eye Checkup Camp

  • Dental Hygiene Awareness Program

  • Gynae Camp

  • General Health Camp

  • Pedia Camp

  • Teacher’s Clinic

  • Workshop on Healthy Habits to Healthy Life

  • Workhop on Safe Pregnancy

  • Workshop on Safe Delivery

  • Workshop on Mensuration Cycle & Hygiene

Belhi Technical Education

  • Career Advice

  • Promotes Indepedent Learnings in Student

  • Basic Courses

  • Prepares Student For Future

  • Adaptability

  • Has the Potentail to lower Textbook and Tution Prices

  • Create an Exciting Way to Educate Students

  • Encourages Developments of New Teachings Methods

  • To Provide Better Education to the  Students

  • Future Growth

Drinking Water

  • Water Tank For Local Area

  • Handpump Distribution to Local Area

  • Drinking Water Supply Through Pipeline

  • Purified Water Supply

  • Drinking Water Facility in Local Area


  • Development of Computer Lab to the Village Sides

  • Trainig House

  • Sustinable Development

  • Construdtion of  Lok Pathshala House

  • Construction of the Buildings

  • Good Architecture Buildings

Lok Pathshala

  • To Improve Teaching Methods On Computer

  • To Learn New Ideas Of Teaching

  • How to E-learn

  • To Create New Activities and Techniques Of Teaching

  • To Create Extra Internet and Email Of Learning

  • How To Search Websites and Teaching Technique

  • Workshop On New Technilogies

  • Create Friendly Environment between Teachers & Students

  • Monlthy Workshop Organized

  • Encourages Developments of New Teachings Methods