SEIT Nepal

Teacher’s Computer Training Program

Date: Aug 15, 2017

Location: Bagchauda-09, Belhi, Dhanusha


Computer based education is based on principles of good practice in MFL teaching which not only develop the skills necessary for proficiency in the subject but also seek to integrate and make connections with those practiced in whole curriculum and the wider community.
The information provide in this report will be a great help to the community as well as the organization for planning of the next teachers meeting.


  • To improve the teaching methods on computer
  • To learn new ideas of teaching
  • To create new activities and techniques of teaching
  • To create extra internet and email of learning
  • To make friendly environment between teachers and students
  • How to search website and teaching technique
  • How to e-learn

Descriptions of follow-up:

  • We have seen teacher’s to teach student e-method by mobile.
  • We have seen using laptop in class room
  • We have seen teacher’s teach student how to learn self by internet.
  • We have seen every student search Google
  • We have seen the audio or visual class using T.V.
  • We have seen all teacher’s are improved on computer method and using it.

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