SEIT Nepal

Free Women Health Camp

Date: Oct 10 to Oct 11, 2017

Location: Bagchauda-09, Belhi, Dhanusha


The overall aim of the workshop is to improve women’s health by educating and empowering women to take responsibility for their health as well as encouraging them to understand their health options.


  • To develop a basic understanding of health among people.
  • To promote healthy habits among people.
  • To create awareness among all the women to be safe and healthy throughout the pregnancy and childbirth.
  • To improve the menstrual hygiene practices by increasing knowledge of menstrual hygiene.


This was a two day workshop. Both days the presentation was done from health experts; first day of the workshop covered the presentation outlining the “Introduction of Health” in first session and “Healthy Habits to Healthy Life” in second session.
On, the second day, workshop covered the presentation on “Safe Pregnancy and Pregnancy Club” in first sessions, “Safe Delivery” in second sessions and “Menstrual Hygiene” in third session.


There were total 29 participants. The participants of workshop were from Bagchauda-9, Belhi VDC, Nikal, suganikas VDC and Laliya, Mithaleshwar nikas VDC and Hanspur kathpula VDC tola of Dhanusha district.


  • People in the villages were informed about workshop in advance. So, participants were already arrived at the venue at nearly 12:30 pm.
  • A presentation in workshop was done from health experts.
  • Presentations, interactive discussion and cross questioning was done during the training workshop among workshop participants and health experts especially dealing with healthy habits to healthy life, safe pregnancy and safe delivery as well as menstrual hygiene practices.
  • The workshop was divided into day wise sessions, there were 5 presentations altogether, 2 presentations on 1st day and 3 presentations on 2nd day.
  • Participants were provided travelling allowance.

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