SEIT Nepal

Distribution of Seeds & Training to Local Farmers

To increase the supply of agriculture production, new technology is being used. This includes genetic modification, chemical fertilizers and synthetic pesticides in agriculture. The use of chemical provides instant benefits but in long run these chemicals destroy the production capacity of the soil. They also leaves negative impact on the life of the human beings, and lead to other environmental problems too. At the same time the genetic modification of the food is also decimating the natural variety of plants. Organic agriculture means agricultural systems that promote the environmentally, socially and economically sound production of crops. With respect to the natural capacity of plants, animals and local conditions, it aims to optimize quality production in all aspects of agriculture and the environment. In other hand urbanization, industrialization and development of Various Other infrastructure has led to the rapid loss of agricultural land and the production too. The world’s population, which is rapidly increasing, will suffer from this loss. We must not be only commercial for the production of agricultural things as it has long run effects on human life and the environment too. We use various chemical fertilizers so as to yield a good amount of crop but in other hand it will leave a long run effect on human life and the environment. We must not think of agriculture with a commercial mind, viewing it for our individual benefits. Therefore, by proper utilization of  natural resources, which are gifts of nature, we should be able to produce high quality agricultural products while compensating for nature. If we do not become timely conscious and become aware of this situation, then it will be beyond the control and will be a great threat to the human existence in this world. Necessary steps must be taken immediately for preserving environment and its creatures by supporting (institutionalizing) organic farming globally. The only way we can save our planet is through sustainable organic agriculture. Our initiative actions in this regard can be recognition for the future generations. The whole world has to work hand in hand to uplift with this holistic view.

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